1. Dream! the first step in beginning your cyber quilt is to dream. dream big. What do you see for your future and those you care about? How do we get there? How do these dreams connect to the three areas of cyber quilting? What are the barriers in the way?

Share your dreams with us.  Ask us for any support or clarification you might want.  Let us know how we can support your vision.

2. Gather quilters! You KNOW you know some cool ass radical women of color who are down for busting the machine that’s holds us all down.  Look for women of color that you may have never met on the cyberquilting site.  Hit up the women whose blogs you read.  Email. Call. Share your dreams. Meet with them and invite them to learn about the cyber quilting project through the website. 

3. Pick your patch! What part of the cyber quilting appeals to you? Are you interested in organizing to end violence against women of color? Creating new media that portrays women of color in a new light? Strategizing for deeper relationships among neighbors in your community? Pick an area of cyber quilting that moves you and get moving. Think of a goal and small steps you can take towards reaching it.

4. Stitch together! Share your project with your fellow quilters and see where there’s overlap. What parts of their dreams wake you up? Where can y’all build together? How can these patches be united?

5. Lay the batting! Now that these pieces are coming together it’s time to fill in the gaps. Do a little Internet research on your patch and see what you might be missing. Are there important connects that still need to be made? More folks to fold in?

6. Share your quilt! let us know what you and your quilter friends are up to! Send us pictures, video and words of your projects and let us know about your process! How did y’all pick your patches and stitch them together?