This beautiful piece was made by Radhika Singh…who attended the Cyberquilting Workshop at the 2009 Allied Media Conference.  It is dedicated to amazing, gardener, forager, dancer, scholar, cyberquilter Zachari Curtis!










Rosa Clemente is one of the most prominent activists of our generation. She is a nationally renowned speaker, writer, and journalist – one of the most important independent journalists covering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – and in 2001 was a youth representative at the United Nations World Conference against Xenophobia, Racism, and Related Intolerance. She continues to organize conferences focused on the empowerment of young people of color, working in colleges, community centers, and prisons. In 2008, she accepted the Green Party nomination for vice-president on the Cynthia McKinney presidential ticket. This is an interview conducted by Adele Nieves in mid-October.

p.s. YAAAAAAAAY Adele!